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Spring Academy Program

April18-22 2017

This program is constantly evolving:


Presentation and conversation: "The parents’ role as guarantors and defenders of children's right to freely develop their personality, to express their views and learn pleasantly,integratively and creatively, in and out of school" with George Moschos


Football Tournament


• Telling/reading stories and mythology in different languages


• Board Game Institute (mahyong, katan, jungle speed, dixit, ticket to ride, island of pirates, story cubes, dobble ...)


Activities to support existing and to establish new alternative educational structures for all ages.
-We propose to create a network of existing ventures in Greece so that alternative educational structures that collectively represent alternatives, beyond their different approaches, come in to light and perhaps in to collaboration.
We welcome the representation and presentation of several of these ventures with related presentations, workshops, discussions etc.
-We deem it necessary to come together to work towards surpassing barriers and to inform the public about the tools that serve the relevant alterations and developments in Greek reality.
-We consider it necessary to create structures offered for open use and aimed at all ages.
We propose, in the context of democratic education, to coordinate nodes across the country that offer educational services that can be used according to the wishes/needs of the user.
For example services that can be offered to individuals who wish to use them:
- as uncertified formal education, with legal counseling and support in exercising their rights, based on the possibilities that exist in the current legal framework and for alternative validation of their studies.
- as non-formal education.
- after finishing compulsory education at 15.
- for specific vocational training.
- to independently complete tertiary
and further education.
Also services that can be used by disadvantaged groups.
The Academy is the commissioning of Casa Lucia as such node and the promotion of the model within and beyond Greece.


Construction of Ping Pong table and Tournament


Meet and participate in EN, an inter-age theatre collective active in theatre practice, education and research

With: Nefeli Petta, Melina Kirtata, Natali Mandila, Nefeli and Zoë Valerie
ovement, dance, improvisation, circus, contact, music and voice techniques, somatic and therapeutic methods, martial arts and acrobatics.
During the Academy a performance will be created through daily workshops for various performers and for various spaces (theater spaces and not). The performance will be presented at the end of the Academy.


• Theater of the oppressed workshop for adults and personal narratives theater for all ages with Christiana Moschou


Vocal practice, orthophony and Body percussion games with Mariza Vamvoukli


• Screening of



Psychodrama Introductory Workshop, Basic Homeopathic Principles, Introduction to Non Violent Communication, Restorative circle, Introduction to School and peer mediation, Art therapy in Restorative Circles with Alexandra Stouraiti


Morning and Evening Chi Kung with Val Androutsopoulou


Acro yoga, Apitherapy, Reflexology, '5 essential essential oils ", "Ecstatic birth" with Janna Kraan


Expansion of the Treehouse and the playground, creating "tiny houses”


• Art Workshop with Nefeli Valerie


• Presentation of the project to conduct the

The preparation for the conference, the conference itself and its practical results will serve the development of education for many reasons, two of them are that the democratic model of education:
- aims to overcome economic and social exclusivity covering the gaps left by existing projects (secondary and tertiary education, destitute and displaced persons).
-is flexible and comprehensive, many existing and emerging projects could be supported by the frame of EUDEC.
The organization of a European conference will fuel a wave of changes that we expect to include redefining perceptions about the goals of education and the legalization of alternative education in our country.


  • Yoga Practice with Vangelis Lyritzis

• Presentation, practice and guidance in innovative scientific disciplines
i.e. neuroscience, quantum physics, biomechanics, astronomy.
- Introduction to Epigenetics, Nutrition Basics
Marjan Hoogerdoorn
- Experiential Anatomy (introducing innovative approaches to the neurological and fascial systems) with Zoë Valerie


Theatrical improvisations and games,  Discussion circles: "Our personal school experiences", Creative Writing Workshop with Daphne Moschou- Chatzokou


Presentation and conversation: "Interpersonal Relations and Me. Understanding our emotions as opposed to unconscious role-playing"with the group P.Sy


Skype Discussion: “Why I no longer want the title Eco-community” with Erato Hatzimihalaki (Hopeland-Elpidohori)


Aerial acrobatics with Nefeli Valerie


• Performances, concerts, outings.

- "Why Mom?" and meeting/conversation with the author of the play Georgina Tziliou

- Theatrical alchemy Performance "EN"


  • Re-vamping your old clothes

• Daily Activities
Assemblies/Circles, cooking, cleaning and organizing common spaces.

  • Workshop in "The Art of Listening" with Stelios Despotakis
    Barriers and Gateways to Communication by Carl Rogers 
    Barrier: The Tendency to Evaluate
    -Gateway: Listening with Understanding


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