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"Vourvoulakas and the earth tree"
Samstag 03 Dezember 2016, 11:00am

βουρβούλακαςPuppet theatre with 3 laloun

3 laloun, Nomada and Casa Lucia invite you to Casa Lucia on Saturday, December 3rd.

The puppet show starts at 12:00
From 11:00 come for coffee, juice, yummy things and free play.
Information: 2661091732 and 6980380190.

Our creative Saturday
gatherings continue.
Stay tuned!

How much can a goblin do in 12 days?

He must :
-destroy meals and hairdos
-clog chimneys
-steal sausages
-eat sausages and keep a lonely old man company in his very particular way.

We do not know how much of it he will manage...
But we know he will do his very bestest!

The show includes theatre, musical and movement games with the children.

Execution: Thomas Gouges - Eleni Kanta

Scenery and puppets: Thomas Gouzias -Eleni Kanta - Anastasia Karafilla
Directed by Eleni Kanta - Anastasia Karafilla
Duration: 70 '
Indicative Ages: 4+
Techniques: hand puppets

For more information visit:

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